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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should you have any questions, please see below and see if you can find your answer. If not, feel free to contact us.


In order to participate in online auctions, you'll have to register a free account. Once registered, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address containing a link to confirm the account.

Once confirmed, you'll be able to sign in and browse through the online auctions and see relevant information including pricing.

However, before you can participate in any online auction, you'll have to complete your profile with the required information as per the FIA Act No 13 of 2012.

Additionally, you'll have to upload a copy of a current, valid photo ID which is to be used to verify the information in your profile.

Once verified, you'll be able to participate in online auctions but note that certain auctions may require a deposit to participate and/or have terms and conditions additional to the general website terms & conditions.

Please download the illustrated instructions below:

Download Instructions

Firstly, in order to place a bid, you must be registered & signed-in.

Furthermore, you are responsible for any and all bids made by your account, so please keep your access details secret and make sure you sign out of your account to prevent unauthorised use of your account.

In order to ensure a fair, unbiased bidding experience and prevent abuse, bidding limits may be put in place for certain auctions. If you would like more information about the restrictions and how to have them removed or extended, please contact us.

No automated "bots" or scripts may be used to place bids. If any such activity is suspected, the offending account will immediately be disabled and the user permanently banned from the site.

In order to make the bidding experience fair and balanced, if a bid is received on any lot within the last 10 minutes of the auction event, the bidding window for that lot is automatically extended for 10 minutes beyond the closing time of the auction.

If a bid is received within the 10 minute extension period, the bidding window is again automatically extended for 10 minutes from the exact moment of the bid being placed. This procedure will continue as long as new bids are received within the extended bidding time frame.

If no bid is received within the 10 minute extended bidding window, the bidding for the lot will close and no further bidding will be allowed.

AUCOR Namibia offers online bidders the opportunity to remotely take part in live auction events.

In order to take part in an online auction that culminates in a live auction event, you must have registered and confirmed your user account on this site and paid the required deposit according to the terms and conditions of the auction you wish to participate in.

Online bidding for the auction event will open well in advance of commencement of the live event to allow online users ample opportunity to register their bids before the live event.

Online bidding will be paused for one hour before the scheduled commencement of the live auction event.

Once the live auction event commences, online bidding will be available again and the auction process will proceed at a rapid pace. Only one lot at a time will be actively auctioned during the live event.

The auctioneer will sell one lot at a time during which bids placed at the live event will be registered online by the auctioneer's assistant. Conversely, online bids will be called out to the auctioneer as they are received online.

Bidding for each lot will start at the then highest online bid received or, if no online bids have been received, at the relevant upset price.

The auctioning of a lot typically ranges between 60 to 90 seconds so it is imperative that online bidders monitor the lots to observe when bidding commences for a particular lot. There is no guarantee of lots being auctioned in lot number/naming or any other order. It is strongly recommended that online users place at least one bid on each lot of interest and use the 'My Bids' section of the site to monitor bidding activity on said lots in order to defend their bids once the live auction event reaches the lot(s) of interest.

Bidding for a lot will end when the auctioneer declares it as sold and this will reflect online also. The auctioneer will then immediately proceed to the next lot.

There is no overtime aspect and/or allowance for auctions that culminate in a live auction event. As such, you should not wait until the last minute to register your bid.

Once all lots have been auctioned, the online auction will close also.

If you've paid a deposit to participate in an online auction, but weren't successful for any lot in the auction, you can request a refund for your deposit for that auction from the 'Deposit History' section under the 'My Account' section.

Please note that you cannot request a refund for a deposit on a particular auction if you're the highest bidder on any of the lot in the auction. If you request a refund of your deposit before the auction closes, you will be disqualified from further participation in that auction.

Download Instructions

While we make every effort to ensure that the information posted about an item up for auction is as complete as possible, it's inevitable that someone will want to know something that is not explicitly stated. In such a case, please submit the query to us via the form on our contact us page. Ensure that you mention the item/lot number when making an enquiry!

We will try to find the information you requested & we will let you know as well as update the item/lot description with the answer to inform other bidders.

No bid may be withdrawn. You are free to place another, higher bid but under no circumstances will any bid be withdrawn or invalidated & no correspondence relating to such queries will be entered into.

Thus, please make sure that you are bidding on the correct item/lot and that you are aware of and confirm the amount you're bid exactly!

Finally, only full dollar amounts may be submitted as bid, no cents are allowed.

When an auction ends and yours is the highest bid for one or more lots, you will be contacted by AUCOR Namibia in due course with instructions about how to proceed with payment and other related matters.

Available lots are listed under each auction and can be viewed by clicking appropriate the View Lots button.

If applicable, you can add lots to your Watchlist for quick and easy access later. Once a lot has been added to your Watchlist the lot will no longer appear under the general lot listing for that auction and can be accessed under your 'My Watchlist' section.

Once you've bid on a lot, whether from the general lot listing for an online auction or via your 'My Watchlist' section, the lot can subsequently be accessed under your 'My Bids' section.

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